What If God Emailed You?

I want you to picture something. Pretend that one day you get an email … from God. Or your cell phone rings and the called ID says, “God. Almighty.” Or God Himself texts you and asks you to meet Him at Starbucks tomorrow. Do you read the email, answer the phone, show up at Starbucks? Of course you do!

So … God actually has offered to speak to you each day, to have a conversation with you, and a big part of that is the Bible. The Bible isn’t just some book, it’s God’s Word and God will personalize it to your life if you read it. So should you read it everyday? Well, of course you should.

And today is a great day to start. At Verve, we care so much about this we create and provide a one year reading plan, which consists of reading one chapter a day. (You can download the plan at www.vervecatalysts.org, and get some background notes and thoughts on each day’s reading.) Today’s chapter is John 1. John is a great place to start reading the Bible. So if this is all new to you, it’s perfect. And if you used to read the Bible regularly, but haven’t in awhile, John is the perfect place to start reading again and get back in touch with Jesus.

God is calling. Why wouldn’t you answer?