Vince Recommends

Saw Lincoln last week. LOVED it. I wish there were more movies made like this. But I realize it’s not for everyone. I saw Argo a few weeks ago, loved that too, and that is for everyone. But Lincoln? If you don’t like dialogue, if you need things to move fast, it’s probably not for you.

To help you decide if you should see it, here are some things critics will NOT be saying about Lincoln:

“It’s an explosion a minute!”
“First, there was Weekend At Bernies.
Lincoln is like Weekend At The Whitehouse!”
“Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln is a laugh riot!”
“Who knew Lincoln kept a machine gun in his top hat?!”

“The Gettysburg Address never sounded so sexy”

“The sex scenes between Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln are so hot they must have melted the cameras during filming!”