Value Clarity: Hours, Sweat and Frustrated Curse Words

At Verve we recently went through a long process to determine and name our values. A lot of hours, sweat and frustrated curse words were put into putting our values on paper. Why invest so much time? Because a church’s values are critical, and having clarity on those values is beyond critical.

Why? Because, as Will Mancini so aptly puts it, values represent the fire in our soul. They’re the passions that shape and guide us. As we clarify our values it’s like wiping the steam off the mirror so we can finally get a clear look at who we are. And that clarity leads to unity. As we understand who we are we no longer have to debate who we are. We can come to a consensus on what matters to us and how we should make decisions, what we should say yes to, and what we must say no to. Values are critical. Clarity on values is beyond critical.
In the coming weeks I’ll share some posts on how a church can achieve clarity on its values and share the value statements we’ve come up with at Verve. Hope these posts will be helpful to you.

Values are one side of the “Vision Frame” – a brilliant, clarifying tool from Auxano. If you want amazing coaching on discovering your values (as well as your mission, strategy and measures) get into an Auxano co-lab!