Mud and the Masterpiece

Today John Burke’s new book, Mud and the Masterpiece comes out, and that’s a really good thing for all of us.

John is one of my favorite pastors and leads one of my favorite churches in the world. The reason is that John gets it. And, I don’t know tons of people who get it.

What does he get? He gets how people far from God think and feel. He gets how to relate to them and speak to them in a way they understand. He gets the grace of Jesus and how we need to share it today.

And if you’re someone who wants to get all that, you should get and read this book right away.

I got an advance copy and I love how John challenges us to see people the way Jesus sees them, and how “people intuitively sense how we feel about them” and “that makes the biggest difference of all.”

I seriously wish I could buy a copy of this book for everyone, but since I can’t, trust me that it will be worth your money and your time.