Verve Value 4: Radical TO Radical

I mentioned awhile back that at Verve we recently went through a long process of naming our values. We felt very certain about our values – what it is that impassion and guide our decisions and makes us distinctive from other churches – but we wanted to give them words. Clarifying a church’s values bring unity, provide momentum, and help future generations understand and stay true to the original vision of the church.

We named five values, and I thought I’d share them over the next weeks. If you’re from Verve, you’ll recognize these values because we live them out everyday. If you’re a pastor from another church, hopefully reading our values will help you to think about your church’s values.

Our fourth value is:
Radical TO Radical
·      We pour our lives into reaching people who are the furthest from God and lead them to pour their lives into fully living for Him.
Most churches attract almost exclusively Christians. They want to help people far from God meet Jesus but they don’t know how. A few churches reach people who aren’t currently going to church, but it’s typically people who grew up in church, still believe, and know they should get their butts back in a pew. At Verve, we want to be a church that reaches the people other churches cannot or will not reach, people who are the hardest to reach.
Some churches who do reach those are really far from God are content if those people step across the line of faith. And that’s understandable. It is quite an accomplishment. But at Verve we want to lead people to full discipleship. We believe that anything less than everything is not enough in following Jesus.

Values are one side of the “Vision Frame” – a brilliant, clarifying tool from Auxano. If you want amazing coaching on discovering your values (as well as your mission, strategy and measures) get into an Auxano co-lab!