Your Vision Room

I don’t know if you’ve checked out Auxano’s Vision Room, but if you are a pastor or leader in ministry, you need to. It is the best collection of free awesome content I’ve seen. Did I mention it’s free? And awesome? Here’s a post Will Mancini had on his blog today about it…

6 Benefits of Signing up for a FREE Account

Necessity is the mother of invention.
The idea for the Vision Room came from the desire to have better content, better categorized in one place for church leaders. There is lots of great content out there, but there is a lot of distracting stuff too. What if someone was finding and arranging the best content with your particular vision in mind?
They are. And its a part of the non-profit ministry group called Auxano. We are for your vision. And here are the benefits of a myVisionRoom account:

  1. It will challenge you to think better every day as you fulfill the mission of Jesus
  2. It will save you time because someone else is scanning the world daily to bring the best content to you
  3. With a customized dashboard you can save more time by parking content you want to read later
  4. It’s embedded with a bi-weekly book summary product to church leaders called SUMS
  5. It constantly reminds you that your vision matters and equips you to lead with clarity
  6. You will be first in line to get NEW books, tools and products that we create

The way you sign-up is simple. Got to this page and set up your username and preferences as you would in any social media app.
See the video