Abandon Your (Way Of Doing) Faith

Here’s an excerpt from my new book,
Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant To Be Safe.

If you look up the word renegade, you’ll see it’s not just someone who rejects conventional behavior. The word is often used for people who reject their religion. What if to truly find God and an adventurous life we need to abandon our religion? I’m not suggesting we walk away from God or the church or other believers. I’m saying that we leave behind the religious approach to God most of us take, which leads us to a cheap imitation of following him. We may not have to abandon our faith, but rather abandon our way of doing faith—the way of faith we learned from our family, our friends, and what we’ve known before. We may have to go a bit rogue to find a religion-free relationship with God that leads to true intimacy with him and true influence in this world.

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