What Might Yes Mean?

Here’s an excerpt from my new book,
Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant To Be Safe.

People who said yes in the Bible had their lives inverted. They realized that everything they had been taught, everything they had lived, was wrong. They went from selfish to selfless, from having grudge-inspired thoughts of revenge to loving their enemies through acts of kindness, from playing it safe to playing it dangerous. I mean, the theme of Jesus’s promotional campaign was, “To follow me you must carry a cross.” Everyone knew what that meant. A man only carried a cross to his death. Outsiders looked at how Christians lived and called them idiots, and the Christians didn’t exactly disagree, referring to themselves as fools for Christ and the refuse of the world. I saw all of this and realized I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t say no to this homeless king and his wrong-side-up kingdom. And honestly, I was afraid. What might that yes mean? What would my life look like? What might I have to do for God? It was the most dangerous decision I had ever made, but I took a deep breath and said yes.

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