Apostolic Espirit

If you were to hang out at Verve for awhile you’d notice something. In fact, it would get kinda weird. Before our services when our staff and volunteers get together to pray, you’d hear people praying for first timers who will be coming and who need to have their negative stereotypes busted so they open their hearts to God. At our staff meeting on Monday when we review the weekend you’d hear  us talking about people who are new to church and starting to get who Jesus is. At a LeadCo meeting you’d hear us encouraging our leaders to build relationships with their unchurched neighbors because they need Jesus. It would never stop.

At Auxano we call that the apostolic espirit of a church. It’s their driving passion. And it’s critical to understand your church’s apostolic espirit to discover its uniqueness. It’s one of the things I love about Auxano. We help churches go through a process of self-discovery so they can acheieve real vision clarity and increased effectiveness in accomplishing their mission. If you need that, you should start a conversation with Auxano today!