Hitchcock: Do You Remember The Fun We Had?

HitchcockRecently saw Hitchcock on an airplane. It’s the story behind the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie Psycho. Turns out movie execs were not excited about making the movie, feeling like it was beneath them because it was just horror schlock and too racy. Hitchcock, however, was dead-set on making the movie, and decided to put everything on the line by financing it himself. But to do that, he has to sell his wife Alma on the idea. As he does, he says to her:

“Do you remember the fun we had when we started out, all those years ago? We didn’t have any money then, did we? We
didn’t have any time, either, but we took risks, do you remember? We experimented. We invented new ways of making pictures, because we had to. I just want to feel that kind of freedom again.”

I wonder if a lot of us could say something similar about our lives. When we were younger nothing was certain and we lacked resources and so we improvised and took risks. It was scary, but it was also exhilarating. It felt like we were alive. Then somewhere along the line we settled in. Things became fixed and we got comfortable and then we became complacent. And then one day we realize we’re barely alive. And we want to feel that kind of freedom we had in the past.

It’s possible. It’s not too late for you to break out of your rut and really live again. It’s not to late for you to stop playing it safe, and start playing it dangerous. In fact, I wrote my new book Renegade to help you do exactly that.