Big Vault Announcement – New Speaker Added!

Vault is the pastor/church planter conference we do at Verve. It is very different from other conferences. If you want the normal conference, Vault isn’t what you want.


  • Vault is different because of the content – we are focused on how to reach and disciple people who are truly far from God, how to make radical followers out of the radically lost.
  • Vault is different because of the size – we limit the conference to about 100 people, it provides a totally different dynamic, you can get to know the speakers and other attendees, etc.
  • Vault is different because of the speakers – we don’t try to bring in a ton of speakers. Mostly we’re sharing what we’re learning about being “missionaries in America” here in Las Vegas at Verve (kind of taking you into our vault, and then vaulting you out with principles you can use in your setting). Each year we do bring in a few select speakers, but only those who can talk with authority on our topic. And speaking of speakers, we have another big announcement….

A few weeks ago we announced that Jud Wilhite will be speaking at Vault 2013.

Today I’m excited to let you know that JOHN BURKE will also be leading a session at Vault 2013! If you know about Gateway Church, or have any of read John’s books (like No Perfect People Allowed, or Mud & The Masterpiece), you know this is a big deal and you will learn a ton from him at Vault.

So … register today!