God’s Will: You Don’t Want It?

Here’s an excerpt from my new book,

Renegade: Your Faith Isn’t Meant To Be Safe.

The Bible tells us that God’s will for our lives is “good, pleasing, and perfect.” And that’s true, but we don’t want to romanticize it. This doesn’t necessarily mean wealth, status, security, great benefits, and a lifetime supply of happiness and peanut butter cups. In fact, basically every person in the Bible who discovered their calling from God didn’t want it. Read the stories, from Moses to Gideon to Jeremiah. They didn’t want their calling but they said yes because it was from God, and they found out that God’s will was good, pleasing, and perfect. But it was also difficult, draining, and sometimes depressing. Moses led a huge group of whiners. Gideon risked his life in battle. Jeremiah shared God’s message and no one responded. Good, pleasing, and perfect … AND difficult, draining, and depressing.

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