Death to Life

One of our goals at Verve is that everyone would read the Bible everyday. Not out of religious obligation but because it’s life-changing. So we put together an annual Bible reading plan, and have daily posts on the Bible reading of that day at

I LOVE today’s reading – Ephesians, chapter two. The first 10 verses are my life’s story: Making wrong choices because I was living for myself. I was actually living dead. Dead in my sins. And then one day alive. Death to life. New life. And it wasn’t because I changed my direction. It wasn’t because I started making better choices. No. It was because of grace. Because God loved me despite me. And so He gave Jesus. And it gave me hope and a future.

That last paragraph I just wrote is ridiculous. Ephesians 2 is ridiculous. It’s insane, and way too good to be true, except it is. It’s true. Unbelievable. Unbelievably true.