I have a ton of respect for Jud Wilhite. He leads the largest Christian church in Las Vegas, has written great books about what it means to follow God, and once got a shoutout from Coolio.

As a teenager, Jud wrestled with addiction for several years before giving his life to God. Out of that experience Jud dedicated his life to helping others who are hurting, and to do it through the local church.

Since moving to Vegas I have had opportunities to learn a LOT from Jud about what it takes to reach people far from God in a city known for its sin. And, if you’re able to attend this year’s Vault Conference, you’ll get to learn from him first-hand as he shares what he has learned in more than a decade of ministering to messy people in one of America’s darkest cities.

You can register for Vault 2014 right here. (And while I can guarantee you’ll learn a LOT from Jud, I can’t guarantee you’ll get a shoutout from Coolio. (Sorry.))