Church for the Rest of Us


Growing up, not only did I never go to church, I never had anyone even mention Jesus to me. No one talked to me about God or invited me to church.

That’s a big part of why I’ve dedicated my life to trying to reach people who are far from God. I desperately want to reach people who are far from God, not interested in Jesus, and who do not like church.

Since we planted Verve Church in Las Vegas, just off the strip, 70% of our first-time guests have been unchurched, non-Christians. The first person I led to Christ here was a pimp (YUP, a pimp). Our church has reached atheists, strippers, Buddhists, gang members, porn stars, agnostics, Mormons, drug addicts, prostitutes, witches and, well, you name it. Perhaps the coolest part is that these people are not just crossing the line of faith, they are radically following Jesus. In fact, the pimp recently became a pastor!


I get asked by pastors all the time, “How can I reach the people Jesus wants us to reach, but we’re not reaching? What are you doing and how does it work?”

For years we had a conference where pastors would come and learn transferable principles about how we do what we do at Verve.

That’s exactly what I teach in this new online video course called, Church for the Rest of Us.

What to Expect from this Course

  • Your passion for God and his lost children will grow, and your church will grow as a result
  • You’ll discover powerful ways to reach the lost through both missional (relational, serving) AND attractional (church services and events) approaches.
  • You’ll learn how to craft compelling church services and sermons that reach non-Christians
  • You’ll be challenged to become more effective in your relational evangelism, and to equip your people to be as well
  • You’ll understand how to create a culture of grace that attracts non-Christians to your church, and a process of discipleship that grows new Christians in your church

Learn From Guest Teachers

You won’t only be learning from me. You’ll also learn from incredible guest teachers including:

  • Jud Wilhite, Hugh Halter, John Burke, Will Mancini, Dave Ferguson, Gene Appel, Jon Weece, Caleb Kaltenbach, Rusty George, and many more!

This is the best I've got on how you can reach the people that Jesus has called you to reach, who you want to reach, but maybe you’re not reaching effectively. This could revolutionize your church.