God doesn’t want your life to be boring.

In fact, Jesus promised life to the fullest. But how do you get there? Drawing from his colorful and sometimes outrageous experiences as a pastor on the Las Vegas Strip, author Vince Antonucci challenges you to embrace a risky, radical faith. Want to really live for God in a way that transforms you, as well as your whole community? Then it’s time to be a renegade.

  • "In Renegade, Vince Antonucci will make you laugh out loud, tug at your heart with inspiring real life stories, and challenge you to live a daring adventure with God." --Mark Batterson, pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC, and author of The Circle Maker
  • "If you are tired of a mediocre faith, Vince Antonucci's book Renegade will inspire you to an all-in, fully surrendered, self-sacrificing faith journey with Christ." --Craig Groeschel, pastor of and author of Soul Detox
  • "Vince Antonucci's writing always challenges me while making me laugh. In Renegade, he pushes all of us to live with radical faith in a radical God. Vince does more than write this story, he lives it and gives us a compelling picture for what the life of faith looks like." --Jud Wilhite, pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas and author of Torn
  • "The message of Renegade will teach you, entertain you, inspire you, challenge you, and convict you. . . . My prayer is that this book starts a movement of renegades who turn the world upside down." --Kyle Idleman, teaching pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, and author of Not a Fan
  • "If you are tired of a play-it-safe, go-through-the-motions faith, then Renegade is exactly what you need. Authored by a guy who is a serial risk-taker, this book will have you laughing while at the same time discovering that faith was always meant to be a daring adventure! Renegade is a book for all of us who want a faith that is more than knowing what Jesus would do, but rather doing what he would do!" --Dave Ferguson, pastor of Community Christian Church and coauthor of Exponential


If you’re a pastor or church leader, these are resources that can be used to inspire the people in your church to live a Renegade life.