Did U Know?

I will continue my previous post soon, but first … If you are someone who is very into blogs you (1) probably already know the information I’m about to give you, (2) may need to think about getting a life of your own (and if that causes you to not read this blog, I’m okay with that), but …

Did you know that instead of going to a bunch of different blog sites every day you can just go to one? Check out: http://www.bloglines.com/myblogs. You subscribe to the blogs that interest you, and then go back to that site whenever you want and it will let you know which of those blogs have recently been updated, and you can read those blog right there.

They also have tons of blogs for you to choose from. I subscribed to the MTV and Rolling Stone Mag blogs, so now I am up-to-the-minute hip, rather than my previous three-days-ago hip. This is causing me to smell a lot better and, if I’m correct, there’s more of a bounce in my step.

Okay, I must now pull myself out of the blog world, away from my computer and actually live a life (unfortunately it’s not my life, it’s the life of an elderly Frenchman named Guy who suffers from severe asthma, which is weird, but someone has to live that life, and Guy certainly won’t do it, so I’m stepping up to the plate).

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