Want to See Content & Context?

I promised yesterday that I will continue the super-amazing post from Wednesday soon, but today ain’t the day. Sorry suckers. It will come on Monday.

Until then, some of you might be wondering who the crap I am and what church I’m at. I’ll tell you more in the future, but for now you may want to check out:

http://www.forefront.org/: check out our church
http://www.forefront.org/lovegod_messages_2.html: listen to our messages
iTunes Store: type “Forefront Worship” and “Unsed” into the search engine to sample our music
http://www.youtube.com/: type “jdelva” into the search engine to sample our videos

Okay, that’s enough super-cool stuff to last you this weekend.

Until then, orange is the new yellow.

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