Bar Service Update

Sorry, forgot to give an update on last night’s service…

It went well I think. Definitely better from the technological side of things. One of the things we’re doing is videoing the message to use at one of our campuses on Sunday morning, but I haven’t seen the video yet. I heard it’s good and will see it tonight.

One issue we’re having (and mostly I share this in case anyone else decides to try and follow our example and do church in an open bar) is crowd noise. The first week people were pretty “respectful” of the fact that church was happening, and even seemed interested in it. Not so much last night. People at the tables were listening attentively, but people sitting at the bar (probably about 15) were not. They were having loud conversations during the entire service.

The good news is that our microphones can get the audio of the person speaking without getting the crowd noise, so that won’t impact the video. The bad news is that I think it was a distraction for those who were trying to pay attention, and I can definitely say that it was a distraction for me. It is bizarre to preach with people fifteen feet from you having loud conversations. Okay, it’s beyond bizarre.

A few of us talked today and we have some ideas for how to try and reduce the conversations, but we’ll see…

Attendance wise, it was pretty much the same – about 30 Forefront people there for church, about 15 people there for the bar and surprised that church was happening in it.

Next week is our first official service – we have people inviting friends, we’re doing advertising, etc. Will definitely be interesting….

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