Yesterday we started a new two-part series. We are doing this innovative thing where one week we’re talking about being salt, and the next week we’re talking about being light. Talk about radical!

Okay, so it’s old school. That’s fine with me. But what I don’t want is for a new person to come in, hear that the series is called, “Salt and Light” or “Live Matthew Five and Save Some Lives.” So how do we connect with that new un- or anti-churched person and help build a bridge from our series to them? How do we bust their stereotypes and help them to realize it’s okay to have fun and be a little crazy?


When I was preparing for this series I was trying to think of a fun or interesting way to “package” it. I kept thinking that we’re talking about is how as Christians we’re supposed to be the flavor of God to a hungry world … and God is love … and serendipitous epiphany … our series becomes, “The Flavor of Love.” And yes, we had guys wearing clocks and viking helmets. And no, please don’t comment about how that show is evil and we shouldn’t associate the church with it. If you’re turned off by this and never come back to this site, you’ll still go to Heaven. But if how we do Sunday mornings turns off the lost friends we’ve invited to show up, they may never give church another chance, and I don’t know if they’re going to Heaven. So if I have to offend someone, I’ll choose to offend you. (But I’d prefer it if you’re not offended … and if we can be friends … and if you would buy be something.)

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