I Love This …

We’re starting our two new campuses in two weeks, so this weekend we had Portable Church in town to deliver some new equipment. Four Portable Church employees were here and on Saturday they trained like 40 to 50 Forefronters on the stuff.

So this morning I was talking to one of them, Kendra, and she said something like, “Yeah, it was very cool yesterday. I’m at different churches all the time and I ask everyone I meet when they first started attending the church. So yesterday I asked everyone like I always do, but just about every person re-framed the question and told me when they got saved at Forefront. It’s like all of them became Christians here. That’s so different. It was very cool.”

I always tell people that’s what they’d hear at Forefront, but it’s great that someone did it, without my knowledge, and that what I always claim will happen actually happened.

And … maybe I’m wrong, but to me Kendra getting that answer repeatedly, well, that’s success.

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