Jen’s Story

I e-mailed some people in my church about this blog and told them if they wanted I would share their stories on it. I thought it would be cool for you to hear what attracted people to Forefront from them, rather than me “tooting our own horn.” So, here’s one:

I grew up in a stable home, was raised as a Christian and attended various types of churches when I was young. However, once I moved out on my own, I definitely grew away from God, and was especially far from church. I never felt comfortable at the churches my parents took me to. As an adult, I tried one church on my own, and quickly came up with excuses as to why I didn’t want to continue. I don’t feel like getting dressed up; I don’t like the songs; I don’t want anyone to ask me to join a committee, etc. Deep down I knew I should attend a church, but I did not want to get truly involved with one.

After I heard a radio ad for Forefront, I was intrigued, but did not go right away. A few months passed, and I started thinking about it again. I got online to see if I could find any more information, and I have to say the website really won me over. I liked the humorous tone, and I remember being surprised and amused that a church would say their music “doesn’t stink to high heaven” like most churches! (I remember attending many churches with my parents and hating the music, even at the “contemporary” services. I always felt like a dork singing and clapping along to those songs, and there was a distinctly “uncool” feeling about the whole thing.)

So my husband and I finally tried Forefront, and have been there ever since. I remember we walked in, heard rock music playing over the speakers, looked at each other and said, “This is church?” I remember being surprised at how young the pastors were…I kept waiting for someone older, in a suit, to get on stage and say that he was the real pastor! I liked how they encouraged new people NOT to give money to the offering. I liked how no one pounced on me during my first visit to ask me to join a ministry team or club. I liked how when the pastors prayed, they just talked to God. There was no fancy church language, and they made me feel like I, too, could pray like that. The pastors never acted like they were better than us, or above us in any way. They were, and continue to be, relatable. I loved the worship music, and remember thinking it wasn’t just good “church music”; it was good music, period. I liked how casual it was, and how no matter what you wore or what you looked like, you could walk in and not feel judged. We’ve been at Forefront many years now, and I still love that. I love to look around and see people with tattoos or piercings, feeling right at home. I love that a homeless person can come into our service and no one really bats an eye. I love that God cares enough about our individuality that He called Vince and Tim to start a church like this. It’s as if He’s saying, “No more excuses. This is for you. You can feel at home here.” Through churches like Forefront, He breaks down the barriers and clears a path for us to come to Him, and I think it’s really awesome that He loves us enough to do that.

~Jennifer Sayre

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