Our Great Rep.

Just in case you are somehow unaware of how society at large views Christians I want to share with you a short story from a local magazine called, “The Portfolio Weekly.” It’s our area’s artsy/alternative paper mag. Every week they (symbolically) give out “bouquets” to those who have done something they view as commendable, and “brick bats” to those who have done something shameful. So here’s the quote from the September 18th issue:

“Brickbats to Pastors for Family Values for continuing to wage their campaign of hate against gay Virginians. The group was among the backers of the state consitutional amendment that, in effect, established a category of second-class citizenship for homosexuals. Now they’ve got a new project: lobbying to defeat any effort to add sexual orientation to the state’s hate crime law. Um, in ohter words, these “Christians” don’t want to limit the right of perpetrators to inflict violence on gays? That seems rather brazen, even for obsessive homophobes. But what other conclusion can we draw?”

Now before you start telling me the other conclusions they could have drawn, let me just say that it’s irrelevant. When non-Christians believe that we want to make sure gays can be beaten up without the perpetrators receiving adequate consequences, we have lost. Period.

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