Pretty Cool

Last night after the group I lead this girl (mid-twenties) and I were talking. She’s been coming to our church for about six months. She told me the week before that she wants to get baptized at our baptism service. We meet in a High School, so we’re renting a church building to have it in. So last night she says, “Could you explain to me how this is gonna work? Like, how do you baptize someone in a church building? I just don’t get it. I mean, I’ve never been inside a church building, but I just can’t imagine how you could baptize someone in one.”

How cool is that?

I explained to her the “pool of water” in the building that we’d use. I asked, “Why don’t you show up early and we’ll show you around.” She said, “Yeah, that’d be good, because this is going to be weird.”