‘Til Tuesday

No, this is not a post about early 80’s one-hit-wonders, and I won’t be quoting the lyrics to “Voices Carry.”

Instead, I am (again) asking if you could pray for our service tonight at the White Horse Pub. (That’s the name of the bar we’re having services in on Tuesday nights.) (By the way: Our Student Ministry Pastor, James, was out-of-town the week we first started talking about the White Horse as a potential meeting place. The next Staff Meeting we jumped into the middle of a conversation about the White Horse, and whether it was something we should do. James sat with a confused look on his face until finally he asked, “Wait, are we talking about heroin?” (He’s right, “white horse” is a slang word for heroin. But I tell you this antecdote not to teach you drug slang, but because it was really funny at the time.) (I guess you had to be there.) (But, if you are reading this blog to try and learn drug slang, I can help you with that too: “Firing the ack ack gun” refers to a technique for smoking heroin by dipping the tip of a cigarette into it.) (So there you go.) (Please know that I am not encouraging you to fire the ack ack gun, but merely teaching you slang in case, you know, you want the street cred or something.) (So: Just Say No!) (To firing the ack ack gun.) (And ‘Til Tuesday songs.)

Anyway, tonight is our second (and last) practice service at the bar. Even though it’s a “practice” there will still be all kinds of people there since the bar is open for business, so if you could pray for us we’d appreciate it. (I’m assuming you’re not to busy firing the ack ack gun to pray.)

If you want to see a little video e-mail we just sent out to our people about the launching of our two new campuses this week, you can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyn7x3FEt5A

Okay, so in summary: I promise not to quote ‘Til Tuesday lyrics, please pray for us, and no ack ack guns.

See ya next time, and until then … Hush hush – keep it down now, voices carry. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

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