A Sunday Morning – Reviewing the Service

Okay, so we’ve talked about Sunday mornings – let me share one last thought on this, and then we’ll break. If you’ve started, or when you start doing worship services you’re gonna get feedback. And I want to encourage you to consider this question: Where is your feedback coming from? I saw John Ortberg draw a diagram once, wih concentric circles. The innermost circle represented the core people in your church. The next ring stood for the regular attenders. Just beyond that were the occasional attenders. The outer circle represented the unchurched community. I’d seen things like that before, but then Ortberg asked a profound question. He asked, “After you preach a sermon, or after a Sunday morning service, where does your feedback come from? Which group gives you feedback?”

So where is your feedback coming from? I’m pretty sure I can answer this for you: It’s coming from your core, and maybe a little from your regular attenders. If you preach a great sermon for them, they’ll tell ya. If you preach something that doesn’t hit them just right, you’ll hear those beautiful words, “I’m just not getting fed.”

Jesus has called us to save lost people. To reach out to the outer circles. But they will not say anything to you. If they don’t like your sermon, do you know how they provide feedback? They don’t show up the next week. You never see them again. And you have no idea. And the problem is, if the core of your church (the people who you hear from, your feedback source) if they don’t like what you do, they may walk out … and they will go to another church. But unchurched people, if they can’t connect to what you do, they will walk out … and they may go to hell. They may not go to another church. So I want to encourage you to prayerfully take with a grain of salt the feedback you get from your core, and to seek ways to get feedback from lost people and unchurched people.

How could you do that? You’re smart. Figure something out. Invite a neighbor and give them a review form to fill out. Pay some lost people to come and give you feedback. Do something. It’s too important not to.

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