Another Tuesday Night

I’ve been sharing a story or two from our Tuesday night service in the bar. This week’s aren’t quite as wild but …

One of our ladies told me that in the women’s bathroom someone wrote on the wall: “Michelle has amazing breasts” and then, “4 got they have church people here!”

Okay, that’s just weird. Here’s a better one:

That same lady (Natalie) saw a guy sitting at the bar, went up to him, and said, “Hey! You’re back!” The guy smiled and replied, “This is the second time in my life I’ve been in church.” She asked, “When was the first time?” He said, “Last Tuesday night. But last time I came here to drink, I didn’t know there would be a church here. This week I came for the church.” Natalie said, “So you liked it last week?” He answered, “This is so cool. I’ll be here every week.”

The guy who wants to have a church service/party for his friends in his backyard was back. He’s loving it. Unfortunately the guy I talked about last week, Peter, was not there. I’m praying he’ll be back next time.

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