Do Not Pass Go …

Here’s something you need to do, like right away. You need to read “No Perfect People Allowed,” by John Burke. Like do not pass go, do not collect $200, just go straight to the bookstore or your Amazon account and order this book.

John is a friend of mine, but that is not why I’m telling you to read this book. (I’m also not telling you to read it because I’m mentioned in the footnotes.) I’m telling you to read it because (unfortunately) it’s very unique. I wish there were more books that do what this one does, but there aren’t, so you have to read this one.

John does a masterful job of describing post-modern people and their hang-ups with Christianity. Not only that but he gives practical counsel on how to deal with such people and their questions and issues. The book is filled with incredible stories about people who’s lives have been changed dramatically at John’s church, Gateway in Austin, Texas.

And that’s the last thing I’d add: For seventeen years now I’ve been searching for churches that are truly reaching people who are seriously far from God. Not churches reaching people who go to church, or used to go to church and stopped for awhile and now they’re back. I want to see churches that are reaching people who are shocked that they’re going to church, and reaching those people in large numbers. I’m sure there are churches like that out there, but I have found very, very few. Sometimes I’ll hear about one, then go check it out and return home disappointed. BUT … Gateway is the real deal. I’ve been there three times and I have been completely impressed. If you can go there, go. But if not, read the book!

Until next time … doh!

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