In the News

Okay, I’m hesitant to do this but … there was an article today on the front page of the newspaper about our bar service.

The reason I’m hesitant to share this with you all is because in the article I am described as, “A husky 30-something with an urgent air.” Wow. That is so uncool. Like, why not just say, “Vince is a fat neurotic 30-something.” Or, “Small children run in fear and hide from Vince, because of his gargantuan size and insane demeanor.” In the article our worship pastor is described as having a voice like Kurt Cobain. Couldn’t the guy have said, “Vince has an Elvis-like presence,” and let people decide for themselves if he was referring to young Elvis or old Elvis, and whether it had anything to do with weight at all.

Oh well. If you want to read the article, here you go:

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