More from the Bar

Last night we had our second service at the bar. We had 3 less people than the prior Tuesday. However, there were less of “our” people there (regular Forefront attenders) so there were actually more “outsiders” there. The service went awesome.

The first week my highlights were: (1) During the message, some guy at the bar yelled “Bullsh*t!” There is some debate about whether he was saying it to me or not. Immediately after, someone yelled, “Shut up!” which most people think was directed at the B.S. guy, not at me. Either way, the owner of the bar grabbed the B.S. guy, put him in a headlock, and escorted him out. I have been preaching for about twelve years, and I’ve had all kinds of reactions to my sermons, good and bad, but never has anyone had to be put in a headlock and carried out of the room. That is too sweet! (2) After the service this kind of big, kind of tough looking guy came up to me. I realized he had tears in his eyes. He said, “Hey man, thanks for teaching me about forgiveness.” Okay, that was seriously awesome.

So check this out: Last night (week two) immediately after the service I went up to that guy and said, “Thanks for coming back.” He said, “No, thank you. I would never go to church on a Sunday morning. This is perfect for me. Thanks for doing this for me.” I answered, “No problem, man, I’m glad to be here.” So he says, “Can I ask you a question. How much would it cost me for a service?” I was like, “Sorry, what do you mean?” He said, “How much would it cost me to have a service?” Me: “Sorry, I don’t get what you mean.” Him: “How much would it cost to get the guys to come out?” Me: “Do you mean our band?” Him: “Yeah.” Me: “Ohhhhh, yeah they do play at all kinds of stuff. I don’t know how much it would cost. You’d have to ask Joe.” Him: “Okay. See, I have a huge back yard, and I throw huge parties. Huge! So I’ll buy all the food and all the drinks, and I’d like to have a service.” Me: “A service?” Him: “Yeah, I’m going to invite all my friends, and then surprise them with a service. Just like what you guys did tonight. I want the sermon, the videos, the music.” Me: “Wait a second. You mean that you want to have a church service in your back yard for your friends?” Him: “Yeah. Just like you did tonight. So, how much would I have to pay?” Me: “Dude, if you invite all your friends over and let us have a church service in your back yard, you definitely don’t have to pay!” Him: “Really?!?” Me: “Really!” Him: “Welllll, then, I’ll have you picked up in a limosine.” Me: “Uhhh, no, that’s okay, I have a car.” Him: “So you’d come out and do church for my friends for free?” Me: “Yes!” Him: “Wow! Okay, then you can count on it! We’ll do it on a Friday night.”

How cool is that?!? This guy is not a Christian, and is going to surprise all his friends with a church service!?! Reminds me of a party some guy named Matthew threw in the Bible…

By the way, if anyone reading this has a bunch of non-Christian friends and wants us to come and do church for them in your back yard, we’ll do it for free. (But if you live more than 60 miles from my house, send the limo.)

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