Principle #9 (of 9): Love

We’ve been looking at principles we apply on Sunday mornings at Forefront and today is the last (and by far most important), the ninth principle: Love. Because of our other principles we have a great “style.” We have awesome original music, humor that permeates most of what we do, quality videos, funny skits, live improve. And our style helps to break the stereotypes people have of church. But our style is not why un-and anti-churched people come to, stay at and have their lives changed at Forefront

I mean, if you’re a non-Christian who wants to listen to contemporary music on Sunday morning, turn on the radio. And if you’re a non-Christian who wants some humor on a Sunday morning, rent a good video from Blockbuster. And if you’re a non-Christian who wants to see some quality videos on a Sunday morning, turn on MTV. And if you’re a non-Christian who wants to take in some funny skits on a Sunday morning, Tivo Saturday Night Live the night before, and watch it after sleeping in. If you want to see good improv, watch “Wild On.” The style we have helps, but it’s certainly not the main reason people come to Forefront, stay at Forefront, and have their lives changed at Forefront.

The reason is because we have something that people cannot get on the radio, at Blockbuster, on MTV or in bars, and that’s unconditional love. We offer the grace of God.

When people come to Forefront they know they’re not judged and they know they’re not looked down on. They know they’re loved. That’s the key. That’s what we want to be best at. We want to love people better than anyone else. That’s how you do church for people who don’t like church.

Okay, next time we’re off these principles.

Until then … soups on.

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