Friekin’ Sweet

Want to know how much fun I get to have on a Monday? (Okay, every Monday isn’t fun, but today was.)

I spent about an hour this afternoon meeting with a new lady in our church. She came because of the postcards we did last month. She’s come five Sundays in a row, and also to our “Starting Point” class, and she’s decided to accept Christ. She’s going to be baptized at our upcoming baptism service.

Well, it turns out that until coming to Forefront she was a Buddhist. Like a serious Buddhist. Wen her son was born she had him baptized by a Japanese Buddhist monk! (I had no idea Buddhists do baptism. That is just weird.) She was telling me about Buddhist practices she does and I didn’t even know half the stuff she was referring to. Like she was a pretty hardcore Buddhist! How did a postcard get her to come to Forefront, and how did she decide to change her life in only five weeks? I don’t know. It was (obviously and definitely) God. She also had some seeds planted in her before showing up at Forefront. But I don’t really know …

What I do know is … that is friekin’ sweet!

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