Today our staff (there are eleven of us) did a off-site/one-day-retreat kind of thing. The only reason I mention this is to make a suggestion to you. We brought in someone to lead us through the Myers Briggs personality type indicator so we could learn more about ourselves and each other. That is a great team-building exercise and I recommend it.

But here’s my real suggestion. The person we brought in to lead it was Ben Arment. In addition to being a trained/licensed Myers Briggs instructor, Ben is (1) a church planter, and (2) an awesome guy who has a real heart for God and lost people. It is very cool to be taught something really helpful, but even more to have it taught by someone who understands what life is like working in a new church.

So, I have no idea if Ben would be willing to come and do something with your staff and leaders, but if he would, I would totally do that if I were you!

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