Wild Weekend

I’m not the type of blogger who writes about what’s going on in my life, this is a “theme-d blog” where it’s solely about Jesus’ mission of helping those who are far from God get close to God, but I had a cool weekend – and it all had to do with that.

Got up at 4:30 am on Friday and flew to Cincinnati to speak at the Impact Conference at Cincinnati Christian University about being Fools for Christ and doing big, wild, crazy things in an uncivilized way, because we have faith in a big, wild, crazy, uncivilized God. That was fun.

Then flew to Nashville on Saturday and spoke at Harpeth Community Church on Saturday night and Sunday morning – getting to talk about how to bust the negative stereotypes of non-Christians, and loving the types of people Jesus loved, and helping them find their way into God’s arms.

Then I found out that the article about our bar service was in the Washington Times (!!) on Sunday. I think it was on page 7 (if you have access to that paper and would like to read it). My wife said, “This means George Bush will be reading about Forefront!” I said, “You’re assuming, of course, that George Bush can read.” (I’m actually not a George-basher, but it seemed like the required thing to say at the time.)

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