A Church, A Hooded Sweatshirt, and a Crackpipe

Had an interesting service tonight at the White Horse Pub (for those who are new – our church has three campuses, and one meets in a bar, which is open for business when we have our service).

The message was: “Christianity for Cavemen: The Gospel, So Easy a Caveman Could Understand It” and I talked a lot about sin, death, and hell. Never done that to a room full of drunk people… fun!

But the most fun was after the service when a guy was telling me about his experience in church (before Forefront). Three years ago he broke into a church to steal stuff, but was so wasted that he fell asleep in the process. The next morning the church secretary found him, called the cops, and he was arrested. The church didn’t press charges, but he had done over $200 damage breaking in, so he was still put in jail. The happy ending was that at the jail the cops took his hooded sweatshirt, and when he got out they gave it back to him, and his crack pipe was still in the pocket. He was so excited he went and bought some crack, and got arrested again that same day. — That was his experience in church before coming to Forefront at the White Horse Pub. Nice.

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