Am I Just Your Target?

Gotta question for ya: This morning we finished our At the Movies series with “World Trade Center.” Focused on Dave Karnes, who basically snuck into the crash site on the night of 9/11 to search for people buried alive in the rubble of the buildings. He found two and saved them.

I talked about how as Christians we are rescue workers, and our responsibility is to bring people to Jesus. (You can listen to it on our web site in a day or so.) This is the thing I’m most passionate about, and what I love to talk about more than anything. So, on that hand, it was great to get to preach on it.

However, on the other hand, I’m always hesitant to preach about “evangelism” on Sunday mornings, because we have a ton of non-Christians with us every week. And I wonder if hearing that will make them think, “Oh. Wait. Am I just your target?” Or maybe they’ll think, “Man, I’m glad you care enough about me to make me a priority and want me to experience what you believe to be a life-changing relationship.”

What do you think? Is this not something we should preach about on Sundays? And, if not, where should we talk to our people about it? And, if so, what are the best ways for us to talk about it so our people feel inspired, but lost people aren’t turned off? I’m seriously interested in your thoughts, so leave a comment…

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