In Process

If we’re gonna effectively help people who are far from God come close to Him we must be grace wholesalers. How do we become that? We’ve been talking about this for awhile now. First I suggested a prayer. Second that we need to gain a platform.

Today, third, we need to remember it’s a process. We need to take a process view of growth. So often we get upset with the people in our lives because they don’t change immediately. We’re like, “I’ve been sharing my faith with my family member/friend/neighbor for months, but they’re not responding!” “This person in my group has been dealing with this same problem for a year! They’re not growing!” “This kid in my ministry area is driving me crazy. I know they’ll always be like this!”

But change doesn’t happen immediately.

I may not know you, but I know something about you that you don’t want people to know. Ready? Your secret is about to come out. Here it is: You’re still in process. You are growing slowly. Transformation is happening incrementally in your life.

Change is a process for you. And guess what? It’s a process for other people too. And we need to take a process view of growth. Without that, we’ll never be grace wholesalers.

Next time another practical suggestion. Until then, shift your ride.

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