Just a Little Patience

We’ve been talking about being grace wholesalers for what seems like eternity. And probably half the people who used to check out this blog have stopped, but that’s okay with me because this is something I could keep talking about forever. So the last few days we’ve been running through some practical suggestions for how to become a grace wholesaler.

I think today’s suggestion is best expressed in the lyrics of one of the all-time best songs with whistling in it. Remember when Axl sang, “Said woman take it slow. It’ll work itself out fine. All we need is just a little patience.”

Remember we said that change is a process? Well, it’s a process that takes time. All growth takes time. It’s how growth happens. It’s like with your kids. (I’m assuming you have kids. If not, just roll with the illustration anyway.) You can pray that they’ll shoot up three inches overnight, but it won’t happen. You can stare at them, but you’ll never see growth happen. Why? Because growth is a process and it takes time. And so we need to have patience with people.

If we create the right conditions for growth to happen (see previous posts) but then we expect it to happen immediately, there’s a good chance we’ll de-rail the entire process. We need to be patient and let God do His work. Patience is a trademark quality of every grace wholesaler. And, I think, only grace wholesalers help lots of God’s lost children find their way home and back into His arms.

Next time I will do my last post (at least for awhile!) on being a grace wholesaler, then we can move on to a new topic.

Until then, don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

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