Launch Team (2 of 5)

When the four of us moved to Virginia Beach to start Forefront Church, we knew no one. Not a person. We wanted a large Launch Team, and just assumed we’d start meeting people and they’d all jump in and we’d be rolling. We were wrong. After four months we had added no one to our Launch Team. We were desperate and had no ideas. Finally, I came up with one. We made a flier which explained that a new church was starting the following year, and that there would be an information picnic for those interested. We made about 10,000 copies and walked non-stop for a week, putting them on people’s doors.

The flier said that only people who didn’t already attend church were welcome at the picnic. To help ensure that church people didn’t attend, we had it on Sunday morning.

Shockingly, 104 people showed up for the picnic. I shared my story and our vision. I invited people to join a small group. 89 signed up. The next day I called everyone. The first question I asked is, “What church do you attend.” Everyone said, “I don’t. I thought I wasn’t supposed to.” Except one guy. He informed me he attended a church. I told him he couldn’t be a part of ours’. He claimed God told him to. I told him God told me not to let him.

We decided we wanted to start Forefront with a Launch Team of non-Christians. Starting exclusively with non-Christians is unusual. But non-Christians are the one kind of Launch Team member you want who do not fully buy into the vision. In fact, non-Christians probably won’t buy into the vision at all. They don’t even believe in Jesus yet! But, in my opinion, you still want them on your Launch Team. Why? Remember we said yesterday that your first 100 people will set the tone for your church’s future. So if a church’s first 100 people are all Christians, what future would you predict for that church?

Next week we’ll talk more about growing the size of your Launch Team. Until then, it’s like a soggy dream come true.

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