Heard It On the Radio (1 of 5)

Gonna do a short series on radio ads. Our radio ads at Forefront have gotten a lot of attention, and a bunch of churches have copied them (which I’m totally cool with).

The first thing I’d say is that I’ve heard of a lot of churches using radio ads and seeing no results, so there is absolutely no guarantee.

Second, radio ads have worked for us. In our early days radio ads would bring in a bunch of people, over the years we’ve seen the “return” on the ads slowly decrease. It may be because people have heard them, but I think it’s because our culture is changing and people are increasingly less open to attending church. I think nowadays, to reach truly lost people, it almost has to happen through a friend.

However, for those interested in radio ads, we’ll spend a few days on it. For now, here are our two most recent radio ads:

Radio Ad #1- Leslie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKdCUYcEmag
Radio Ad #2- Monkey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dS-1Tffcqbg

– featured on newchurches.com