Heard It On the Radio (2(a) of 5)

So if you’re gonna promote your church through radio ads, one question you need to ask is what stations you will do ads on.

First, you’re not going to put them on a Christian station. Right?!? I still haven’t figured out why churches advertise on Christian radio stations. Are you kidding? Isn’t that like me showing up at your house and trying to adopt your kids? “No, I do understand they’re your kids, but I want them anyway. … Oh, I’m quite sure I can be a better parent to them than you. … Sorry.”

So, second, you’re going to pick a “secular” station. But which one? Well, you need to know the stations in your area, and who listens to which stations. And you need to know what type of person your church is most equipped to connect with, keep, and transform. Young marrieds? Middle age women? Young guys? Venezuelan hair dressers? Well, what station do they listen to? By the way, you can get this information. If you make a contact at a radio station, they have reports on all this kind of stuff.

One way I approach this is by the sound of our worship music. What local station would your music best fit on? That’s probably the station you want your ads on, because the people who listen to it are most likely to connect with what you do on Sundays.

Another factor is how popular the station is. The more people who listen to it, the more you’re going to pay … but you get what you pay for.

How much will you pay? We’ll talk about that next time. Until then, you’re a real pip.

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