Heard It On the Radio (3 of 5)

So what will your radio ad say and what will it sound like? Some thoughts:

First, If you’re really trying to reach non-Christians, people who aren’t going to church, you need to be radical. Like I have no interest in Afghani food. And if I heard a radio ad for an Afghani restaurant, it’s not going to make me go. The ad would have to grab me by the throat and shake me. And if it doesn’t, you’ve wasted the money it cost you for me to hear it. So, if you’re trying to reach un- or anti-churched people through a radio ad on a secular station, make it radical.

Second, do NOT have any insider language. Make sure your ad doesn’t say anything that a non-Christian won’t completely understand.

Third, understand you’re invading their space. This is a secular station listened to by secular people, and “now we have this freakin’ ‘sacred’ church commercial on. Give me a break!” And so if your ad sounds churchy, it will be mocked.

Fourth, make your ad sound like the station it will air on. The voice in it, the background music – it needs to fit that station or it will just raise eyebrows and result in people hitting the button to change stations. (A little more on this next time.) (Until then, it’s not too late to become a presidential candidate, you can still win the South Carolina primary!)

– featured on newchurches.com