Preaching: Mark Antony Style (4 of 5)

How do we preach Mark Antony style? How do we connect with and convince people who may have showed up cynical and skeptical? Last time we talked about letting people know that we know we sound crazy when we say something that will sound crazy to them.

We also, if possible, need to give the why. Some guy tells you he believes we didn’t really land on the moon. You think he’s off his rocker. But then he tells you why he thinks that way – you’ll still raise your eyebrows, but at least he’s given proof that he has a brain and has given this some thought.

So in the middle of a sermon you’re going to mention Satan. Don’t just mention Satan. Say, “I realize this may sound crazy, but I’ve come to a point where I believe in Satan. I mean, I look at the world and think, well, there’s got to be a source for all this evil.” OR, “And so God caused the sun to stop. And I understand that sounds impossible. But you know what? If there is a God, well then, nothing’s impossible for Him. I mean, making the sun stop is a piece of cake I guess.” OR, “Today we celebrate the fact that Jesus raised from the dead. And that might sound like a myth to you, like a tall tale, but did you know that there is volumes of hard core evidence to prove this? In fact, did you know that a ton of people, highly intelligent people, have tried to disprove the resurrection and actually ended up proving it and becoming believers in Jesus.”

Make sense? Let me know if you have a different way of doing this, but for me, when I talk about hard-to-believe stuff, I admit it sounds crazy, and I (at least briefly) explain why I believe it.

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