Riding the White Horse

Spent my birthday night in a bar … for our church’s bar service. It was a cool night … Several things were there that are different…

My book was there! First time it’s actually been sold. I now know someone other than my mother will own it…

My kids were there. They didn’t stay in the bar, but walked around the mall (with their mother) during the service (the bar is, oddly, in a mall). This is only the second time they’ve come. The first time my son was on the phone with his grandmother when he said, “Grandma, I’ve got to go, daddy’s taking me to a bar.” Classic!

Three guys from a church in Florida flew up to be there. That made me nervous! Not that they were there, but that they spent that much money to be there. They’re starting a bar service out of their church. That’s cool, I don’t know if they were already planning on it or if we inspired their idea, but either way, I’m pretty sure that more churches in more bars is a good thing.

Some dudes from churchy media were there – seemed like cool guys.

The service seemed to go real well. Our band was super tight. People were more into the message, even some verbally (like responding “Yeah!” and stuff). Weird.

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