Where We’re At… Waaaaaa!

Next week I’ll have several more posts on the “Waaaa, I’m not getting fed” series, but in case you’re coming in late, here’s where we’ve been …

1. http://www.vinceantonucci.com/2008/01/waaaaa-im-not-getting-fed-part-1.html
2. http://www.vinceantonucci.com/2008/01/waaaaa-im-not-getting-fed-part-2a.html
3. http://www.vinceantonucci.com/2008/01/waaaaa-im-not-getting-fed-part-2b.html
4. http://www.vinceantonucci.com/2008/01/waaaaa-im-not-getting-fed-part-3.html

And thanks for all your comments, it’s been fun reading what you’re thinking….
And: If you think I’m wrong in doing this series, read my comment on this post. It may not change your mind, but at least you’ll see what I’m thinking…

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