From Israel #6

Today was cool. We had a free day so 7 of us rented a van and drove (directed by fearless leader Mont Mitchell) to a cliff called Arabel which overlooks the whole Galilee region. It was killer windy – like the strongest winds I’ve ever felt other than a hurricane. I literally was “hiding” in the cleft between 2 rocks, giving Psalm 18:2 (and other similar verses) new meaning. Just sat and prayed and listened to music (on my iPod) for an hour. I’m not much of a Christian music guy, but this was the appropriate occasion so here was my playlist: (1) I See You, Rich Mullins; (2) Step by Step, Rich Mullins; (3) God of Wonders, Caedmon’s Call; (4) Storm, Lifehouse and some Keith Green (kickín’ it old school!).

Then we drove to the city of Haifa on the Mediterranean, probably the most dangerous place around.

Then we went to Tagba, where they think Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish. I don’t know why, but I love that place. Playlist: (1) All I Can Say, David Crowder; (2) Amazing Grace, Chris Tomlin; (3) Enough, Chris Tomlin; (4) Reach, Joe Heilman; (5) Everything, Lifehouse.

We also went to Bethsaida – mentioned several times in the N.T. and went to a archeological dig and went into a restricted zone…

Having an awesome time! Please keep praying for me. Tomorrow we go to Jerusalem…

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