From Israel #7

Here’s a background note you need for this post: The “Primacy of Peter” is the location where scholars believe that Jesus appeared to Peter after His resurrection and said, “Do you love me?” three times and told Peter, “Feed my sheep” (see John, chapter 21). The Catholics believe Peter was the original Pope and so he has “primacy.”

So one of our guides on this trip is a Professor who is insanely smart and knowledgeable. He is like a world-class archeologist and expert in Semitic languages and has been here tons and all this stuff. So yesterday we were leaving the region of Galilee and I went up to him and said, “You’re an archeologist and an expert and all, so you know all this stuff, but I’d have to say that for me, the biggest surprise so far was in the Primacy of Peter bathrooms … the condom machine.” So he looks at me and says, “Seriously? They have condom machines in there?”

That is hysterical! One of the funniest jokes I’ve ever thought up, and the fact that this guy bought it, holy crap that’s good…

Speaking of condoms. A guy from our group was in a pharmacy and saw a rack of condoms. Above the display the sign read, “Men’s Ware.” That is almost as funny as my joke! Like people in Israel must be all, “So, what’s the dress code for this event?” And the host says, “Oh, it’s not too formal, why don’t you go with men’s ware.”

Okay, I’ve got to go before I laugh so hard I get a stomach ache.

I’m having a great time. We’re in Jerusalem today and tomorrow (and then the Dead Sea and then Bethlehem). I’m seeing and learning great stuff, and God is doing some really cool things in my heart.


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