“Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It” (2 of 4)

Seinfeld famously dealt with the topic of homosexuality in their “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With It” episode. It’s quite possible that I’m nuts to deal with this topic at all, but I’m doing it anyway. I mentioned last time that I was asked to write an article on this once, and it led to my receiving several hate mails. So, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

Well, last time I shared an e-mail question I received from Annette. Here’s how I responded: I told Annette that absolutely she was welcome in our church and that I’d be disappointed if she didn’t show up, that I’d love to meet her. But I also (carefully, gently) explained that we are a Bible-based church and the Bible is clear that because of His love God has a perfect will for our lives. His perfect will does not include homosexual behavior. In fact, it is sin and to be strictly avoided.

But I also told Annette that the Bible does not highlight homosexuality as a sin deserving a higher degree of condemnation from God or His people. Homosexuality is lumped into lists including a variety of other sins (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11) – some of which I have been guilty. I explained that I lovingly try to convince everyone at our church that God has a better life for them, and I invite them to lovingly convince me of the same. I let Annette know that I don’t think God’s primary objective in her life is to change her behavior. Instead, I think God wants her to truly experience His love, and to find her true identity in Him. If that were to happen, I think changes in behavior would follow. And that this is what I’ve been experiencing in my life.

Well, sending an e-mail is easy. Living out the implications of having homosexuals in your church is not. Not only will you be judged by Christians, you will face some difficult situations. Tomorrow I’ll share a few of those from our experience at Forefront. By the way, if you want to read more on this topic, you should check out John Burke’s book, “No Perfect People Allowed” Chapter eight focuses on this issue and is better than anything you’re going to get in this blog.

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