The Most Effective Way (5 of 5)

Doing a series in the AM of this week to re-introduce myself and my blog to new readers. Something new in the afternoon each day…

I made a decision, and I told the Admissions dude at the Seminary: I want to lead the most people to Jesus in my life. I’m here to learn how to do that.

Here’s what I learned: The most effective way to lead larges numbers of lost people to Jesus is through church planting. Study after study after study has shown this to be true.
And this is why I do what I do.

  • In 1998 I was part of starting a new church. Four of us “parachuted” into Virginia Beach, where we didn’t know a single person. (For our first four years we met in a movie theater. The last five we have met in High School auditoriums.)
  • Two years ago our church was a part of starting three more new churches.
  • Last fall our church is starting two new campuses in our area. (One of the campuses meets on Sunday mornings in a High School. The other campus meets on Tuesday nights in a bar. (An open bar.)
  • This year two recent Forefront staff members are starting new churches.
  • Next year a current Forefront member is starting another new church.

So, we’ve spent this week learning about my life (as it pertains to evangelism and outreach), it’s time to bail on talking about me and move on. (Thank God.) We’ll do that next time.

Until then … don’t walk into any sliding glass doors.

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