Changing Face of Evangelism

Decent article in the March/April edition of Outreach magazine on “The Changing Face of Evangelism in America.” It concludes with this:

“The numbers could give us false hope – ‘Nine in 10 Americans believe in God.’ Or they could draw the Church into unproductive pessimism – with only 17.5% of the population attending the local church we’re ‘losing ground, losing credibility, losing the battle.’ How is the Church to respond to a postmodern, post-Christian, culture that discounts the church as irrelevant, yet seeks spiritual connection, that is intrigued with Jesus, but doesn’t really know him?”

“As the leaders interviewed here indicate, all of our churches and ministries – not just a few – must have a passionate intentionality to reach the unchurched and draw them into deep relationship. As we look at the community with new eyes, seeking ways to serve, we make the love of God and the pople of God approachable. And by hoing the art of proclamation through conversation, we focus our energy on disciple-making not just decision-tallying, because it’s all about the finish line, not the starting line.”

Our postmodern, post-Christian culture confronts us not so much with an obstacle as an opportunity. These church leaders find reason for optimism, if we, like them, will embrace the changing face of evangelism.”

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